Tea & Talk: improving staff morale in schools

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Article from the wellbeing team at South Hampstead High School in the UK regarding improving staff morale in schools:

Improving staff morale in schools

The main purpose of schools is providing an opportunity for children to develop their own capacity for personal achievement and contributing to society as active citizens for democracy.

These children are guided through the process by their teachers and therefore it is the adults’ responsibility to ensure they have the best possible environment to develop these qualities.


Teacher’s mood influence children

The mood of the teachers and support staff at school has a direct influence on the children and it is our collective responsibility to try our best to ensure that every member of staff is as happy as possible.

At South Hampstead High School we have recently introduced a restructured staff wellbeing team and introduced the Celpax mood box.

As time progresses we will accrue more data to discover periods of different moods and hopefully be able to use measures to improve the working environment within the school.


Teacher staff meeting ideas

We recently hosted our first staff Tea and Talk (plentiful cakes and tea essential), where we discussed what made us press the red button and ideas for improving staff morale in schools.

We had previously established that this was not a ‘have a moan at management’ meeting.

And the meeting was very constructive, with lots of good ideas!


Staff morale boosters for teachers

We have attempted to come up with some solutions to improve staff morale.

The staff morale boosters for teachers have included employee trips and activities (such as pub quizzes), sports and exercise opportunities (including Badminton, BMF for the early risers (7am on Wednesdays), or Staff Fitness, delivered by one of our Science teachers), food and drinks, or even a staff ski trip.

It is still early days, and there is much more we can achieve. We are planning a staff versus staff netball match next term, to raise funds for charity.


A happier school

We hope that we can continue the improving trend in staff mood and as a result, our school should be a happier and more productive environment for our students too.

Let’s keep pressing the green button!

The wellbeing team at South Hampstead High School


Smiley feedback terminal Celpax



Prices Celpax Mood box

pictures of staff meetings

Are you interested in how to improve staff morale in schools? And measuring the impact of staff morale boosters for teachers and support staff?  Try our Celpax device and support your leaders in school, at all levels.

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