Is Partying the Key to Increasing Workplace Happiness?

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Alcohol and drug-free raves – The newest way to increase productivity and happiness at work?


When I think of raves, I think of bright lights, loud techno music and some (illegal) substances that let dancers go all night well into the early hours of the morning.

However, at the growing movement of sober raves, meaning no alcohol or drugs permitted, the most addictive substance you’ll find is coffee.

Instead of finishing at 6 a.m., these sober parties start at 6 a.m. Of course, it wouldn’t be a rave without the bright lights and loud techno music; don’t worry, those are still in full force!

Morning Gloryville brands itself as the original ‘morning, drug and alcohol-free’ rave.

Their events have taken place worldwide from North America to Australia but are based for the most part out of the United Kingdom. Daybreaker, a similar service is based out of New York City.

While they both label themselves as sober rave parties, they’ve carved out a niche for themselves with the young professional crowd.

Since the raves start at 6 a.m., these millennial workers replace their usual morning treadmill workouts with a high intensity dance party before heading off to the office.

Daybreaker co-organizer Radha Agrawal explains the interest from this young, urban office worker group in an interview with Mashable:

“There’s an outcropping of excitement for interactivity and real community experiences,” Agrawal said. “Millennials – they’re tired of online.”

The idea is that starting your morning with a fun, energetic party sets the tone for your day allowing attendees to be more productive, efficient and enthusiastic.

sober raves dance party

But do the alcohol and drug-free raves really do anything for employees?


An article from Fast Company interviewed party-goers about their impressions and results after attending a rave.

A senior strategist at an agency who attended a rave hosted a brainstorm session afterwards “that went better than ever”.

She says, “Honest to goodness, I felt like the ideas were looser, more adventurous. They were a little more offbeat than normal, more abstract and experimental,”.

An article about the rise-and-shine raves from The Huffington Post quotes an attendee as saying, “[…]I’m going to be in a great mood once I get to work now.” Another partier said “When you are here the positivity is contagious. […] It carries you through the day. By the time you leave, your face hurts from smiling so much.”

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine that “found that dancing, more than any other activity measured, improved cognitive acuity, protecting against dementia”.

The Daybreaker website states that “Dancing sober in community during the morning is amazing for your health and happiness because it helps release your brain’s natural happy chemicals. This quartet of chemicals include: Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins.”

So, maybe they’re onto something!

Is sober clubbing before work something you would try out?

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