Job Hoppers: A good fit for your organization? 5 pros (and 2 cons…)

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Job Hoppers: Should you hire them?


What are job hoppers? Typically an employee who only stays for a year or two in the same job.

Is that a good or bad hire for your organization? Let’s see:

Job Hopping has become the new age trend.

With people getting better job opportunities and adding more salary to their account, even people who have a stable work environment get into this zone of hopping from job to job.

In the last three decades, job-hopping has seen tremendous growth and has increased from 16 percent to 51 percent.

In a recent study, 64% of professionals said that changing roles every few years is beneficial (salary pointed out as the biggest advantage). That is +22% compared to a survey conducted four years earlier.

As the number has significantly hiked to over half of employees, it is crucial to understand and analyze if this group of people should be hired for some job or be rejected in the first place.


Pros of Hiring Job Hoppers

There are several reasons why you should consider hiring job hoppers in your organization.

Given below are some desirable traits that are essential for your organization’s growth and are highly mandatory to help your organization achieve a new level of growth.


  1. Risk and Challenge Takers

The best part of hiring a Job hopper is that they tend to be fearless and can adapt to new company environments and situations easily.

They are risk-takers and learn valuable lessons by taking risks. They are on-the-go learners and hiring such people is the need of the hour in pretty much every organization right now.

Job hoppers are volatile and have a huge experience in undertaking risk and working under challenging and pressurizing environments.

As per a survey by Manpower Group, around 38 percent of employers found it difficult to hire new employees.

So why not try a job hopper instead?


  1. Greater Contacts and huge Network

It might be an advantage to hire Job hoppers as many will have a higher number of contacts and a huge web of connections with the different people in the market.

Having greater connections means holding strong support.

It also means calling for new ideas that can not only revolutionize your work environment but also highly influence the success of the organization and employee growth.

Almost all the job hoppers have an enriching contact list from lower to a higher level of managers that is beneficial for companies to expand their business.


  1. Not Afraid of Changes

Hiring a job hopper means hiring a person who is flexible enough to adapt to new things. Also, nobody likes to work in the same boring environment? Change is the new go.

Not only does it make a person versatile but also is necessary for making the organization an interesting place to work.

Due to their exclusive and dynamic shifts of environments, they have worked with a number of managers and are adaptable to several management styles. Most Job Hoppers are flexible enough to handle change and adapt a go with the flow mechanism.

They possess subtle attitudes and versatility to adjust to new environments and can easily become social with their co-workers.


  1. Confident and Well-Experienced

Hiring managers often look for candidates that have an unwavering spirit and sound experience in their work field. It is necessary to understand that job hoppers can be the best fit in this.

Many job hoppers are confident enough to give a roaring answer to any challenge that is put in their way. All throughout their career, they have faced many highs and lows and have learned their lessons from their failures.

They don’t give up easily and strive hard unless they achieve what they had been working for.


  1. Furnished with new skill-set

Job hoppers are the ones that have established a new learning edge and grabbed maximum knowledge in minimum time during their career.

They are up-to-date with new methodologies. They have a wide array of experience years that is counted and have a better understanding of upcoming changes in the work culture and novice technologies entering into the market.

As per a survey by Mettl, around 87 percent of the organizations are going to hire more than what they had in the previous year. So they need employees who are well equipped with new skills.

There are none better than Job Hoppers.


Cons of Hiring Job Hoppers

The main reason why 43 percent of job providers do not engage in hiring job hoppers is associated with the fact that they are not reliable, selfish and may ditch the company at any time.

Given below are some necessary points that should be considered while you tend to consider a job hopper for your position.

Millenials Job Hopping

  1. Lack of Stability

Of course, getting onto a potential candidate is a herculean task and requires much effort and time of a hiring manager.

And if one hires a job hopper you might get stuck into a vulnerable choice as there is no stability till how long the employee might work in the organization.

Unless you create a transparent work environment where you pay high attention to employee satisfaction… making it irresistible for talent to stick around.


  1. Frequent Job Hopping had Damaged Employment Prospects

With 39 percent of people being stuck in hopping jobs and others having a huge gap in employment kills the future job prospects of any candidate.

This also means that if the hiring managers’ even think for once to hire such a candidate for their job profile, it becomes vital that proper background check is done for candidates that have been prone to such changes.

Which is again a huge time waste for the employers.

According to research by Harvard Business Review, only 5 percent of managers remain in the organization for more than 2 years.

Other 95 percent look for other options and leave the company after an average time of 28-30 months.

This high number tells how crucial it has become to focus on hiring job hoppers that turn out to be top-performers in your company by adding to the innovation hub of the company.

What type of employees does your company need?

Now if your company is searching for such dynamic candidates who are adept in accepting challenges happily and delivered quality over the years, you may want to consider the option of hiring job hoppers for the sake of the development of your company.

However, if your company prefers stability and has the same work to be repeated over the years, it might not be a credible option for you.

Some job profiles like in the IT sector which require a regular update of skills owing to the fast-paced environment, job hoppers can be considered as they have the necessary skills that your profile needs.

But for other sectors, where there is only a monotonous task sheet to be maintained, there may be a hiring of a person that can at least stay until the need of the organization gets fulfilled. Job hoppers may not fit this position.

So are job hoppers for you?

Thus, after considering both sides of hiring job hoppers, you might have gotten an idea of what potential job hoppers have for employers.

And how it has become mandatory that you look for employees that have the right skill and are not frequent job hoppers, but have hopped for a valid reason or after surviving in a company environment for at least 2 years.

Of course, if a candidate is found to be an innovator and have exceptional qualities and talents that will incline the growth of the organization towards the upward scale, you may give an edge to such a candidate.

But again it becomes an important step to go through his or her background check so that you have an insight into the inner happenings of the organization.

Needless to say, not all career moves are the same. People evolve. People change. Jobs change. Companies change!

And remember, it’s important to ask your employees why they leave, but it’s even more important to understand why your people stay.


Jasika-Adams-Index-Time-ClockThis post was written by Jasika Adams: A writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of Human Resources, Startups and Business Management.

She is a talent acquisition manager currently associated with Index Time Clock. In her free time, Jasika loves to play with her kids and reading mystery books.



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