Nope, HR Tech Can’t Replace Face-To-Face Chat

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Is added technology the magic solution to get more people engaged at work?

I recently had an interesting chat with Mark Frary, a technology writer with eight published books, around this topic.

If you picked up The Times in the UK the other day you might have seen Mark’s thoughts in the Employee Engagement and Benefits report.

In the article, the importance of line managers and authentic conversations in the workplace are in focus. Here’s an extract from the report:


Get richer conversations at work

Sweden’s Celpax started life as a sort of Facebook for companies to garner feedback from employees, but quickly realised people who were disengaged at work were the last people who would use it.

They pivoted and stripped their concept down to something incredibly simple, a hardware panel with two faces, one happy and green, one sad and red, which employees could press to show their mood.

Celpax’s co-owner Rebecca Lundin says the aggregated feedback is then presented to managers. “Of course, you can see how their day was, but the most important thing is whether, over the long term, you are improving.

“This technology is the perfect tool to get richer conversations. The value comes from sitting down and talking to people about what is really happening. In the workplaces where these face-to-face conversations are happening, they have the happiest mood.”

So while shiny, new technology is all very exciting, it is clear that actually speaking to employees on a regular basis is never going to go out of fashion.


Rapid employee feedback

They also interviewed Cosatto, voted one of the UK’s best places to work, who use our device to improve employee morale since one year:

The 2008 economic crisis saw Cosatto undergo extensive restructuring and a rethink of the company mindset.

“I said to myself that if we have to go through the trauma of making people redundant, then we are going to rebuild a business that is fun and engaging,” he says.

This included implementing technology to get rapid employee feedback, including a Celpax panel where employees press a button to indicate their mood as they leave.


“A barometer on how the business is feeling”

Mr. Kluge says: “Celpax gives us a barometer on how the business is feeling; if the general mood is going down, we can ask why.

The board meets regularly to discuss the feedback and any employee can ask to come along to see how this is acted on.

“The technology is not a replacement for face-to-face,” says Mr Kluge. “It has to be a conversation. I have one-to-ones on a regular basis and I encourage my senior managers to do so too.”

Read the original article here.


Measure if your leadership actions are working!

So hey, if you’re eager to create authentic conversations at work, check out the Celpax device.

Bring some fun and use simplicity at your workplace!

You just measure, improve, repeat.

Get a survey kiosk.


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Rebecca Lundin, CelpaxHej! I’m Rebeccaco-owner at Celpax. We believe in creating a better society by empowering employees and leaders to create a better workplace, together. We use simple tools to help them get there. I might appear in our chat, or say aloha on twitter? 
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