How they measure employee happiness at the University of Asuncion in Paraguay

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Employee Happiness

Paraguay’s National Asuncion University has begun to quantify the employee happiness at their workplace.

The Polytechnic faculty has installed a Celpax device in order to measure and improve the faculty’s working environment.

Employees anonymously answer the question, “How was your day?” by pushing a red or green button. It then shows the user how their co-workers felt today, but only after they have pressed the button (curiosity killed the cat!).

The results are available online and are useful for leaders to maintain meaningful dialogues with their poeple around workplace improvements and what boosts employee happiness.

Medir felicidad de los empleados, Paraguay

An example of the mood results in the online console

The organization will have daily feedback and information that can later be correlated with productivity indicators, absentee percentages, events or certain decisions.

Why measure employee happiness?

As explained by Forbes, “Any company that wants to increase its profits will usually compare their current income with those of previous periods. The increase of company happiness is no different. We must be aware of the current happiness levels to ensure they increase in the future.”

The Celpax device is a simple and fun way to measure the mood of your employees.

Management can take action to solve the problems that cause employees to push the red button – and measure whether or not these actions are effective.

If done correctly, this should lead to more employees pushing the green button = more employee happiness. Your baseline, the Mood KPI, will guide you.

The methodology most of our users subscribe to, is Measure, Talk, Improve… Repeat!

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We wish the best of luck and happiness to our new friends in Paraguay! (Lycka till in Swedish :) )


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