Hello employee! Do you use a Celpax to give feedback in the workplace?

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Positive (and negative) feedback in the workplace

Do you give regular feedback on your workdays?


Feedback methods in the workplace

As you might know, we let companies use 1 Celpax device to improve employee mood for free (for as long as they want).

Sometimes companies ask me if they can speak to a leader that is already improving their workplace with our device.

Depending on where they contact me from, I ask a manager in the 60 countries we have signups from, if they’re willing to share an honest review.

A big thanks to you everyone that already did this by the way! 

I figured it could also be interesting for interested managers to hear what random employees think about our Red / Green button.

Do you use a Celpax to give feedback on your workdays?

So I’m calling on all employees!

Do you evaluate your workdays pressing green or red? There are thousands and thousands of you out there.

Would you be up for giving input to those that are interested in starting to measure employee mood with the Celpax?

Why is feedback important in the workplace? Do you have examples of positive and negative feedback in the workplace?

It would basically just be giving your honest opinion around how the feedback you’re giving on your workdays is working out in your company.

We’ve listened to a lot of managers, now we want to listen to employees regarding how they feel about feedback methods in the workplace.

examples of positive and negative feedback in the workplace

Does the Celpax help your company to better listen to coworkers?

I.e. does it spark constructive conversations and help your company to take action to improve?

Are your getting your messages through to the leaders? Does the Celpax help generate trust and a healthy feedback culture? Or do you feel your leadership team is still not “there” yet? Why is feedback important in the workplace for you?

Tell us about your feedback methods in the workplace!

Wanna get in touch?

Drop me a line if you’re interested in appearing on our blog where you can pass on tips, etc to other employees and managers that would like to improve their workplace with our device.

Perhaps there’s something we, and they, can learn from you?

We embrace honesty and full transparency. Give our real-time employee mood a good or bad review… that’s up to you :)

Employee feedback to improve your workplace

Get 1 free Moodbox to measure employee mood in your company

Rebecca Lundin, Celpax Engagement SolutionsHej! I’m Rebecca, an accidental analytics enthusiast, co-owner at Celpax, and convinced that a great workplace is everyone’s job. We like new feedback methods in the workplace. I might appear in our chat, or say aloha on twitter?

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