How happy are your German coworkers?

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Celpax will attend Europe’s largest HR exhibition starting on September 17th. Hall 3.1, booth S.10.

Join us in discussing a new way to check if your people are ‘with you’ during change processes and finding out if you’re getting a ROI from your HR initiatives.

Over the last years Celpax has interviewed more than 120 companies, the majority of them “Best Places to Work”. This has translated into a unique understanding of the problems that HR professionals face in today’s fast paced workplace.


Which of your employee engagement initiatives really work?

Despite the economic crisis in Europe, employee engagement is alarmingly low. “Most companies lack the knowledge of which of their employee engagement initiatives can really boost morale. And whether they are efficient.” says Bart Huisken, CEO at Celpax.


Not knowing means you’re leaving money on the table

HR lacking these insights costs companies millions in lost sales & profits, innovation, productivity and sometimes unnecessary recruiting. What does it take to be successful on a long term basis? How do you know you’re doing the right things? Are you risking losing key employees? Is your gut feeling enough between annual surveys?

Strategic goals take longer to reach when you don’t have your people with you. But is your gut feeling enough to know how people are doing in general? Or are you waiting for next year’s employee survey to find out? Just to drown in complexity and details, hence missing the big picture?


Are you acting too late?

One major problem we encountered when interviewing award winning HR Directors was how people simply felt they lacked up to date insights into their workforce. That traditional feedback systems had them acting on problems too late, especially during change processes.

Is there an easy way to quickly and continuously measure how employees feel at work?


Come say hello!

To see how Celpax can help you get a single, relevant, people KPI, come visit us at Celpax in hall 3.1, booth S.10. We can provide you with the one HR Metric that will help you drive business performance at the board meeting.


About Celpax

Celpax creates simple solutions that make it easy for coworkers to participate in going from good to great. A great workplace is everyone’s job!
About HRM Expo
HRM Expo is Europe’s largest Exhibition for HR Management. No other exhibition offers HR professionals the opportunity to meet as many colleagues from different industry sectors. 650 exhibitors present HR related products and services combined with 220 presentations and panel discussions.

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