3 most popular blog posts from January

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These are the 3 most popular stories from our blog in January.

When is the right time to talk to your people?

A common practice among companies is to use the annual employee survey as the reason for approaching their team to talk. But is that really when your employees best need these types of conversations? Is there a way to know when it is the right time to walk around and talk to your people?


How Unilever Kleve started tuning in to employees in real time

Eugène Kusse, Factory Manager at Unilever Kleve in Germany, teamed up with his HR Officer and installed a simple feedback device to get ongoing insights as to how their coworkers experience their workdays.  The mood trend and alerts (a very green or red day for example) are shown on TV-screens. “We want everyone to see the Daily Pulse results. There’s nothing secret about it” says Eugène. Here’s the first chapter of Unilever’s journey with Daily Pulse.


Real time customer feedback is trending – but how are your employees today?

The real time fever has hit the customer service department. There’s a fast growing trend in the market where companies find out in real time how their customers rate the service received. Companies install big kiosks where people indicate their happiness level. These machines offer an easy way to get instant feedback from customers. But what about HR?


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