Global Talent Management Leaders Summit in Berlin

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Global Talent Management Leaders

I’ve been invited to the Global Talent Management Leaders summit to talk under the theme “A great workplace is everybody’s job: making your teams self-aware and the link to productivity”.

See you in Berlin?

The Global Talent Management Leaders summit features 20 innovative and influential leaders who will produce thought-provoking questions and insights during two days in beautiful Berlin.

The summit is designed to let those attending actively take part and discuss current challenges and explore the ideas shaping tomorrow’s business landscape.

The idea is to challenge the future of HR and Talent Management.

We’ll look into what’s cooking in business right now: trends, solutions and techniques in HR.

Making your teams self-aware and the link to productivity

As co-owner of Celpax I’ve been invited to present at the #GTML15.

I’m using self-reflection and productivity as cornerstones:

“A great workplace is everybody’s job: making your teams self-aware and the link to productivity”.

Based on our findings at Celpax, using a device where employees press red or green at the exit door to improve employee morale, we’ll discuss:

  • The effects of making employees self-aware about their mood
  • The connection between employee mood and productivity
  • Making leaders accountable for employee mood

How can we get more leaders to realize that when people feel GOOD about going to work, this translates into higher productivity?

And what happens when individuals and teams are faced with hard facts about how people feel at work?

We call them “brutal facts” – and clearly see how it starts behavioural changes.

It gives a voice to the silent majority.

There are simple ways to correlate productivity and employee moods.

You look at cash flow weekly

You look at your cash flow weekly. How often do you look at how much your talent is worth?

That value actually goes down when employee morale is low at work. This destroyes economical value.

As a CEO you are not supposed to leave the company bankrupt with 0 money in the bank, you could even go to jail for that.

There are many safeguards to protect economical values.

But a bad manager can totally destroy a company’s morale, and leave with the employee mood at zero.

Who safeguards this?

How do we make leaders, at all levels, accountable?

It’s not rocket science, simplicity will take you a long way.

Sometimes managers ask me why so many press the red button on their Celpax.

I usually ask “Did you talk with your people to find out why?”

They look at me as if… hey, what? That’s a GOOD idea! I’m gonna try that!

Join me in Berlin for the Global Talent Management Leaders Summit to discuss how team self-awareness and productivity are connected. The lineup includes thought leaders from companies like Sears, SAP, MTN Nigeria, Hilton, BASF (although not “our” BASF :) ) and DHL.

Smiley feedback terminal Celpax

My typical day at work

Rebecca Lundin, CelpaxHej! I’m Rebecca, an accidental analytics enthusiast, co-owner at Celpax, and convinced that a great workplace is everyone’s job. Contact me for speaking engagements.
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