How to become a better leader: Get answers to questions you didn’t know to ask

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How to become a better leader

In ‘The Future of Employee Research’, the authors argue that organisations have become so obsessed with scores on employee surveys they have completely lost sight of what they set out to do – listen to their people.

How can you become a better leader?

Get answers to questions we didn’t know to ask

John Sumser, HR industry analyst, comments on the results, related to big data:

“The difference in employee surveys will be amazing. Today we create hypotheses and collect data. Tomorrow we’ll be doing the inverse. The constant, steady accumulation of data will enable us to look at data before we form questions.“

That means we will start to get answers to questions we didn’t know to ask at work.

We will be unthinking a whole bunch of things we assume to be facts.

How to become a better leader: Are we improving our organization or not?

By receiving ongoing data revealing how your employees experience their workdays, you can focus on questions around the big picture:

Are we improving our organization or not?

Ongoing feedback means you will have conversations you most likely wouldn’t have otherwise. This will help you formulate better questions over time.

Creating new and open dialogues lead your company culture forward.

Are we doing what we should be doing?

A lot of managers seem more focused on what needs to be done in order to motivate and engage employees, instead of starting with a question which is far more relevant:

is what we’re doing already what we should be doing?

Is the Talent Management program giving you the desired results?

Is the team-building exercise format really what your employees think is needed? What was the impact of changing the shift leader last week?

By getting support from big data, you get insights that will help you ask the right questions. This means you can drill down to find the right solutions that work for your company. And then adapt in an agile way.

An ongoing feedback system easily indicates if you’re heading in the right direction.
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Catch problems when they are still small

Using a system which allows employees to truly express their opinion it’s the first step to improving at work.

With an anonymous feedback system, you catch feedback from those people in your organization that probably otherwise wouldn’t indicate how they really feel at work.

There are always things that people keep to themselves. Sometimes, it’s for a reason.

By starting to create a company culture based on feeling safe, you can ask questions based on data insights. This way you can improve your timing.
Hence you can catch problems when they are still small and easier solved.

How to become a better leader? Big data helps you formulate questions

By receiving ongoing feedback from your workforce you will get actionable insights.

This empowers leaders across the whole organization to reach new levels of efficiency to create a healthy company culture and drive your company results.

Big data can never replace dialogues and personal communication. But it can be surprisingly effective in helping you formulate the right questions.

You’ll have conversations you most likely wouldn’t have otherwise, strengthening leadership skills and boosting employee morale.

This way you can better understand your people, give everyone a chance to contribute.

And become a better leader.

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