“Eyebrow-raisingly simple: let employees rate each workday as green or red”

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This week we had the pleasure to tweet-meet Stephen Bruington, Learning & Development Strategist, who was kind enough to write about our DailyPulse:

“I stumbled on Celpax  today. This concept is eyebrow-raisingly simple: give employees an opportunity to rate each workday as green or red, anonymously.

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You can’t equate green to good and red to bad because they’re subjective.

You can, however, get vital feedback from associates on a regular basis that when taken in aggregate gives managers / employers insight into morale and general satisfaction.

Celpax makes the data available in an online dashboard. Historical data shows trends over time. This information is used to generate conversations that might have never occurred.

I think it’s a great idea; reminds me—conceptually—of a Net Promoter score (NPS).



Measure if your leadership actions are working.

Get a survey kiosk.


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