What are your employees saying about you on Glassdoor?

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Glassdoor: What are your employees saying about your company?


Glassdoor recently challenged companies to have a look at their stats: Is your company receiving more hits on your Glassdoor profile (company reviews provided by employees) or LinkedIn (content that your marketing team wrote)?

Comments left by your employees on Glassdoor can have a strong effect on current and future employees.


For those not familiar with Glassdoor, it’s a web where employees post reviews of what it’s like working for their companies. Glassdoor has 13,500,000 visitors per month. That means a lot of job seekers are checking out what your employees think about your workplace.

By offering a ‘look inside any company’ it won’t be long before you find your company reviewed, if it hasn’t been already.


3X more traffic on Glassdoor profiles vs. LinkedIn

Glassdoor themselves claim companies see 3X more traffic on Glassdoor profiles vs. LinkedIn. Be that true or not, it opens an interesting question: what is written about your company on Glassdoor? Is your next potential Sales Director going to read it? What impact do these reviews have on your current or future employees?

The info you find should be of interest for your company from an employee branding point of view, but is really of interest for the whole HR department, leaders and management.


Smooth marketing won’t cover up a bad workplace

LinkedIn research suggests that “job seekers are two times more likely to select an employer based on the company’s employer brand than the corporate brand”. So smooth marketing won’t cover up reviews that reflect a not-so-good workplace.

It’s human to complain and as we’ve also seen with our immediate employee feedback system, people tend to be more active in getting their voice heard when they are unhappy.

Having said that, sometimes you just have to let go of an employee which isn’t a good fit for the company, and that might end up with a nasty comment.

Random negative comments are probably inevitable. But what if the negative reviews are consistent? Or even reflect how people feel, or explains why your talent is leaving you?


How can you prevent a bad result on Glassdoor?

When we ask employees to press the Green or the Red button next to the exit door (responding to the question How Was Your Day as they head home), we get a lot of surprised looks from managers when they check the online dashboard for the results.

‘I was actually shocked at the results’ one manager recently said. ‘I thought my people would be much happier at work’.

How can you prevent people from having bad days, and taking out their anger on sites like Glassdoor? You can’t solve problems you don’t even admit that you have.

Do you know if you have one?


Find out how your employees feel today

Many Glassdoor reviews are old, and might not reflect the opinions of today’s workforce. And of course, the reviews could be skewed.

The only way to find out if you have a problem among your workforce is to ask your people how they’re doing, and then take action if it turns out that your coworkers prefer the RED button instead of the green button as they close the office door behind them…

Glassdoor states that 96% of job seekers are influenced by employee provided reviews.

Transparency in the workplace is here to stay.

Embrace it.


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