We now have the Celpax dashboard in Portuguese

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Celpax dashboard in Portuguese!


7 languages and counting, 69% translated. Get involved?

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Today we are sharing some positive news.

You can now get all the mood data on the dashboard in Portuguese!

The Celpaxers would like to give a big THANK YOU to our amazing Celpax community.

Thanks to all of you who have generously given your time to translate the explainer texts into Portuguese.


With users in 60 countries, one of our most frequently asked requests has been to see the dashboard in more languages.

Our challenge – and our upside! has always been that with the amazing spread of users we have around the world, it hasn’t been easy to choose which language to go for next.

We already had it in English and translated into Spanish and Swedish. But couldn’t choose the next one.

So we decided to let YOU choose!

And the Portuguese-speaking community was the fastest to choose hehe.

A big shout out to Leandro and Anderson, our most active volunteer translators.


2000 days of daily mood data

As it happens, Anderson was one of the first leaders to start with the free Celpax device in Brazil.

That was back in 2104.

This week his company is celebrating 2000 days of employee mood data!

Leandro on his side, was the last Brazilian company to install the Celpax device.

Muito bem!


How to see the Celpax dashboard in Portuguese


The Celpax dashboard should now display Portuguese by default if your browser is set to this language.

If not, log in and:

  1. At the top right, continue to “Select Language”
  2. Find Portuguese in the language menu:



Zoom in on the Portuguese dashboard to see Celpax employee engagment data



Thanks to the volunteer translators, other managers can check the daily employee engagement in their native language.

In this case, they are helping fellow users in TWO countries as it’s both for Portugal and Brazil.


Join the translator project?


The group of volunteer translators currently consists of 13 people.

So far we have 4 languages fully translated and are working on 3 more:

Slovak, French and German.

We continue to add more.


Why join?


Some translate to give back and say thanks for having sent them the Celpax device to measure employee morale.

Others want to help colleagues with perhaps a lower level of English.

Others are working from home, and need a distraction from the Covid-19 :)

You decide if you translate one sentence. Or one hundred.

Or all of it? Hehe.



Who can join?



  • You don’t need to be a translator to join
  • You don’t need previous experience
  • Machine translated suggestions means you can progress quicker

You can also join and revise texts that have already been translated by another volunteer.

There is no deadline.

Once the translated text is at 100%, we launch it!

You can join our translation community here (Rebecca can guide you if you have problems).

We developed some simple documentation to make sure that all translations follow the same style guide.


If you want to join the Celpax users who have already started, click here!




To all our Celpax translators, keep up your awesome work.

And for all you managers, here are some fun way to engage your employees during Covid.

We wish you all a #GreenButtonDay :)


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Rebecca Lundin, CelpaxHej! I’m Rebecca, co-founder at Celpax. We manufacture simple tech tools to improve your workplace. And build a better society while at it. Follow us on Linkedin or Twitter for hands-on ideas to improve employee morale.

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