Your 1st Celpax is free*

We, Celpax AB. with European VAT SE-559013294901, hereafter referred to as “Celpax” or “we”, would be happy to count your company and employees as Celpax users!


The following clauses apply to this agreement (June 18th, 2019):

We will pay for the delivery of:

  1. One Celpax with a standard cover image (put your logo and design your own cool background image in the paid plans)
  2. One transmitter
  3. Online dashboard access
  4. Weekly email report

Exception:  Transport fee of $10 may apply for remote areas where we can’t serve from our warehouses (i.e. Nigeria, Uganda, etc.)

…that you can use for free forever on the condition that you’ll be an active* user. I.e. 

  1. You install within 14 days upon receipt
  2. Your employees press regularly and you access the results on the dashboard every now and then

And if you’d like to help our for-profit and spread the word on Linkedin, Facebook etc, we would be so grateful :)

So no credit cards, no monthly fees. Just a free employee Mood KPI that will help you improve your workplace together with your employees.

And if you promise to send back the device if you choose not to continue, we’ll give you higher priority when there’s a waiting list.Smiley feedback to measure and improve employee mood

Waiting List & Connectivity

Get support and help for your celpax mood box

  • We have a waiting list when there’s high demand for our free devices. We serve paying customers first.
  • We have connectivity in 98% of the world. In some countries we have higher connectivity costs, this means restrictions may apply in very few cases (Examples: North & South Korea, Cuba).



We’re happy to offer a once off opportunity per company to receive the 1st Celpax device for free.

Services beyond your first free Celpax follow the commercial terms. The pricing includes all hardware, personalized cover, maintenance and reporting. Discounts apply.

1. The service starts as soon as the Celpax kit is delivered to you. Important! In case you don’t install the Celpax within 14 days of receipt, we reserve the right to claim back the kit and apply a €50 shipping and handling fee. This is so we can send the free unit to someone else :). If you install, this fee of course doesn’t apply.

2. You acknowledge that any and all Intellectual Property rights such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, designs, etc. relating to the Celpax are and shall remain the exclusive property of Celpax, including any new developments that may be introduced during the use of the Celpax.

3. You agree that you will not at any time during or after the expiration or termination of this Agreement obtain any ownership interest in the Products or any related intellectual property of Celpax, including without limitation any trademark interests, or in any way question or dispute the ownership thereof by Celpax.

4. Celpax will NEVER disclose any details or results regarding your use of our services without your prior written consent. In addition, Celpax will not use your data or results of use of the Celpax in any way detrimental to you. You hereby grant Celpax a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, electronically distribute, transmit, have transmitted, perform, display, store, archive, and index the Customer Data in order solely to provide the Services. Any other use will entitle you to immediately terminate this Agreement seeking all remedies available.

  • The solution is provided “AS IS” without any warranty, express or implied of any kind.
  • Either party can terminate the trial and this agreement with 15 days notice to the other party, however clauses 2 and 3 will survive termination of this agreement.
  • Both parties agree to cooperate in good faith.

5. You agree to use our system for the sole purpose of IMPROVING your workplace. You agree to respect the privacy of your employees in relation to the Celpax system.

By filling out our form you accept these terms and conditions.

Welcome to the Celpax world!

The Celpaxers

PS. We will never disclose any details or results regarding your use of our services without your prior written consent. I.e. if you want to share tips or share your experience with fellow Celpax users in a blog post or similar.

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