The Celpax device launches in Portugal

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Smiley buttons terminal launches in Portugal


The Celpaxers are super happy and excited:

Our DailyPulse device that measures employee mood launched in Portugal today!

Like I mentioned before we have signups from 32 countries and today we’re super happy to see the start of our device helping to improve the Portuguese work culture.

So for all of you linguists out there, “How was your day?” is “Como foi o teu dia?” en Portuguese.

DailyPulse in Portugal

Are you in the need to make your office more loving and less stressful?

Is your work culture heading the right way?

Or are your employees having more ‘red’ days than green?

Employee engagement and retention

The result helps line managers and management to have conversations about what needs to be fixed, in order to have better workdays.

Let data drive your actions!

And create a better workplace.

Grab one of our Celpax devices and start measuring your employee mood in real-time.

Simple HR dashboard

Rebecca Lundin, Celpax Engagement SolutionsHej! I’m Rebecca, a reluctant number lover, co-owner at Celpax, and convinced that a great workplace is everyone’s job. I might appear in our web chat in the left corner of your screen. Or say hi on twitter! 
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