HR Tech conference Las Vegas: meet the Celpax device

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HR Tech Conference Las Vegas

We recently discovered that the Daily Pulse, our gadget to measure employee mood in real-time, had booked a flight to attend the HR Tech conference in Las Vegas. So we figured we would send our CEO too.

As we’re getting more and more US based Daily Pulse users, we decided it was time to check out the renowned HR Tech conference.

Come say hi to Bart in Las Vegas October 7-10 and press the green or red button!

Factory worker

HR Tech Conference Las Vegas

The idea behind our gadget is to get a daily pulse on employee engagement. By simply asking employees what their moods are like as they head home, leaders, HR and all coworkers can act on the data in an agile way.

The DailyPulse box hangs in the lobby and employees press the green or red button once daily, answering “How was your Day?”.

After they hit the button, your employee is shown the collective mood.

Online dashboard for DailyPulse

Continuous insights online

Via the online dashboard you get continuous ratings. The main indicator is what we call your Mood KPI.

This number shows that for example 51 percent hit green on a typical day in your office or factory.

Meaningful conversations

We keep hearing how Daily Pulse triggers conversations that brings out what needs to be fixed in your culture:

“We try to speak very often with employees to get their input based on what we have seen on the DailyPulse, discuss how the last month went, etc.” says Katharina at Unilever Kleve in Germany.

Just having the button here has been a switch

One of my favourite quotes comes from a US based company:

“Just having the button here has been a switch, people come to talk to me”, says Scott from Zerorez Minnesota. “It’s a more casual way of being able to open conversations – it becomes part of the language. When you talk about red or green you know what’s going on” he continues.

Maria Martini, Assistant Call Center Manager and Alex Bialke, Commercial Route Manager at Zerorez Minnesota with their DailyPulse

The 1st one is free in your company

Many people are surprised when I tell them that can apply for a free gadget. “Is it really free? they ask.

At Celpax we believe in giving everyone the possibility to improve at work in a simple and low-cost way.

We are trying to build our company around trust by sending out DailyPulse’s at no cost so HR and Business Leaders can see if this is something that gives value to their organization.

You can test is as long as you like.

Employee engagement metrics real-time

See you at the HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas?

So if you’re in Las Vegas at the HR Tech Conference then don’t miss this chance to press the green (or red!) button at our stand.

And hey, ask Bart and us what other companies are achieving by measuring their employee mood continuously. Here’s another story:

“One day we had 100% red when a manager announced he was leaving. He later decided to stay with us!” He’s actually still there, almost 2 years later…

DailyPulse was born as we interviewed +100 companies around how they engage their people at work. We saw the need for a simple, Do-It-Yourself approach. And some fun! It’s easy for employees to show their leaders if they’re pushing in the right direction.


Rebecca Lundin, Celpax Engagement SolutionsHej! I’m Rebecca, a reluctant number lover, co-owner at Celpax, and convinced that a great workplace is everyone’s job. You might find me in our web chat in the left corner of your screen. Come say hi! 

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