We just released our first Celpax API

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We just released our first Celpax API


Some Celpax users like you asked us to develop an API (application program interface) so that they can integrate their employee morale data with other company systems.

I just wanted to let you know that we have now released that API, in case you are also interested.

Why use an API for your Celpax results?

Some customers want to show their Employee Mood KPI on their Intranet, other want to include it in Business Intelligence Reports and there are some that want to display it on screens at their office or factory.

We have developed an API client that allows you to retrieve the employee Mood KPI and the Pulses per Typical Day from the programming languages PHP and NodeJS .

You will need someone with programming experience to help you.

This is just the first release, we will add functionality and programming languages as they gain demand.

So please share your thoughts with us about this API and what you would like to do with it.

Getting Started with the Celpax API

You can find your API keys and the Source Code in the Celpax Dashboard in the Configuration menu (top right corner).

You need to be a user to access these.

Our developer section with friendy videos are here.

Need help?

Please contact me or Rebecca if you need anything to get started!

API Intranet

Rafael del ValleAloha! I’m Rafael. I love innovation, the outdoors and to challenge the status quo of things. I’ve been building commercial software since I was a teenager and I’m one of the Swedish based arms at Celpax. Come say hi!
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