How to customize your Daily Pulse cover

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All leaders interested in improving their workplace with real-time employee feedback can customize the cover of their DailyPulse device. We love seeing how companies adapt their own style!

There are two ways to go about it, depending if you’re starting to measure employee mood with our Freemium plan, or if you’re supporting us going Premium:

1. Use your own background image (Premium)

Using an image of a few of your coworkers is popular and a great way to get buy in from your people. In one call center the employees organized a photoshoot with their coworkers, and decided themselves which photo to use. Other companies prefer images that mirror their branding, products or their values.

2. Use our templates (Freemium)

We have a set of predesigned Daily Pulse templates that you can use. Some are more corporate, others more modern or geared towards fun.

Optional tweeks

Branding: If you go for Premium we can adapt the Daily Pulse cover to reflect your company brand as indicated in your brand guide. You can change the color, styles and fonts. You cannot change the question “How was your day?”, but you can add additional texts like your tag line.

Language: If your company wants to measure the office mood in different countries that is no problem. We will use whatever language you need. You need the Daily Pulse in Klingon? Challenge us!

Daily Pulse Template - Employer branding

Wanna find out if your employees think you are improving at work?

Grab a free Daily Pulse device to measure employee mood in real-time. Start paying when you see that our system is helping you – no time limit for testing.

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