The Celpaxers wish you a green 2015

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Looking back at 2014 it’s been a great year :)

The Celpaxers wish you a green 2015

Six months ago we launched our campaign to get more people to discover how easy it is to get a daily pulse on your employees.

We now send devices that leaders all over the world hang next to their exit doors.

We quickly doubled the amount of countries where the question “How Was Your Day?” was asked on a daily basis and next thing…

We hit signups from 34 countries!

This is great news for all our users as the more people pressing – the stronger community to learn from. It’s also great for us as it brings us closer to one of our core values – reach. We believe in making a global difference and solutions accessible to everyone.

We keep listening

During the year, as every year since 2010, we’ve been interviewing leaders in HR, operations, etc that are improving their workplaces in remarkable ways.  You can find their inspiring stories here.

We also released our first API. The first company to implement it was Swedish based Finax which now show their Employee Mood KPI on their screens in their bakery.

Nice press coverage

We also got some nice press this year from Yahoo talking about Unilever’s strategy to maintain itself as one of the most attractive employers in the world.

After showcasing our DailyPulse in the US for the first time, at the HR Tech Conference, we also got nice coverage over at awesome TLNT where we were named “best in class” for our simple way to spark meaningful conversations at work. Here’s what others said.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

I can’t say it enough times. We are so grateful for the overwhelming support we keep receiving from people that love and believe in us and what we do. THANK YOU for all your tweets, recommendations, grammar corrections, stories, encouragement…

We look forward to a fantastic 2015, filled with green worldwide :)

Bart, Sergi, Rafa and Rebecca (the Celpaxers)

The Celpaxers wish you a green employee mood in 2015

By the way if you like what we do, help us spread the word or grab a device to measure your workplace mood in real-time.

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