5 Ideas to Improve Employee Wellbeing and Be Eco-Friendly at the Same Time

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Improve Employee Wellbeing: Environmentally friendly office ideas

Greener days are here with 5 ways to be more eco-friendly in the office and improve employee well-being.

We often talk about having ‘green‘ days in the office. B

y this, we mean the employee mood is doing well, with a higher mood KPI because many employees are pressing that green button.

Since Earth Day is upon us, we wanted to talk about the other ‘green’ in the office- eco-friendly initiatives in the workplace!

We found five ideas to not only improve employee well-being but to also create a more eco-friendly work environment.

1.) Offer ‘Work from Home’ Days

One of our users, Levi, found that offering the option to work from home helped his team feel more engaged and happier at work.

After implementing work from home days in the company, Levi and his team saw a greener mood, with an increase of 20% in their mood KPI!

What they might not know, is that they’ll also be seeing greener days in the office!

Allowing employees to work from home means that they are cutting down the gas they might use to get to work otherwise.

It’s a win-win to help increase employee well-being and being more environmentally friendly.


2.) Lunchtime Potlucks

work potluck to improve employee well-being


Treating employees to lunch as a fun social activity is one way some of our users find works to increase engagement and employee well-being.

User Passol, based in Peru said, “We noticed that social activities like barbecues and Christmas activities have a lot of influence on mood. So we try to do these more often.”

To make this green activity even greener, try making it a potluck and encourage employees to bring in reusable containers instead.

Provide reusable cutlery, cups etc. for a zero-waste company lunch.

As a manager, if you really want to do something special for your team, you could even try making them lunch and bringing it in.

Or organize a Lunch Rouelette?

It could even be a company-wide initiative if it works for your team first.


3.) Organize Office Carpools

In larger companies, it’s hard to make sure all departments interact and get to know one another.

But having that interaction not only helps create a feeling of transparency but helps employees to feel more engaged at work, helping to improve productivity.

It’s a lot easier to get a project done when you know who to go to for answers.

One way to nudge this along is to organize an office-wide carpool.

Bonus: it’s a great way to be more environmentally friendly as employees will cut down on gas usage.


4.) Greener Lighting

Employee well-being and being eco friendly at work

Did you know that harsh lighting can be a drain on employee well-being?

It might be to blame for migraines and eye strain among workers, according to this source.

Not only this, but the same source links bad lighting for a loss in productivity. The reasoning is, that harsh or dim lighting makes for vision issues.

And whether you’re typing in an office or working to put together car parts on an assembly line, you need your vision.

Looking for less harsh lighting (or brighter lighting if your workplace is too dim) could help you get more green pulses to improve well-being.

It could also help you be greener if you go with compact fluorescent lighting or LEDs that use up less energy. Also, it can save you money on your electricity bill.

However, the most ideal light for workplaces is natural.

And sunshine is free!


5.) Turn it off

One reason users tell us that they sometimes see red pulses is because of a heavy workload or long days at the office.

Why not try following in the steps of this French law that allows employees to disconnect and enforces businesses to set strict hours for working?

Your employees will thank you with green button pulses and the Earth will thank you too!

Shutting off computers, lights, air conditioning etc. (and we mean really shutting it off) will help save on energy, making you more eco-friendly.

Try attaching all electrical equipment to a power bar with a switch to easily shut off all equipment at once to extra environmentally friendly.



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